As a Rev customer for over 6 years, I can confidently say that Rev is the best captioning service for YouTube. Having captioned over 300+ videos and 5000+ minutes of footage, I can vouch for the accuracy of the work on Rev and for the speed and affordability. There simply is no better option. Rev offers excellent transcription, captions, and subtitle services to fulfill your needs.

Whether you’re captioning videos for YouTube or adding captions to videos for clients, Rev has the fastest and most affordable service on the market.

Helps you grow on YouTube. Growing a YouTube channel takes a lot of work. I get it. Especially in the beginning. One way to give yourself an edge is to add captions to your videos. This has a positive impact on watch time, which in turn can get you more views through the YouTube algorithm.

Fast. Adding captions to your videos manually is way too much work. You have to write out each line of spoken dialogue and manually time the text using a captioning software. I’ve done it many times in the beginning before I knew of Rev. And luckily, Rev is both fast and affordable at only $1.00 per minute of video and it usually only takes a couple hours for the captions to be completed! For YouTubers like myself under a tight timeline, this is a lifesaver.

Affordable: Rev is the most affordable captioning service on the market, at only $1.00 per minute. Adding captions to a 10 minute video only costs 10 bucks!

Accurate: Even with prices this low, Rev is incredibly accurate. They hire only the best transcribers to finish your captions. After placing your order, you also have the option of noting any difficult words or names for the transcriber. For me this is usually food names or terms in different languages.

Flexibility: Before placing your order, you have the option of directly uploading your file, or providing a URL. I love the direct connection to YouTube feature!

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