It’s been a wild week in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, and more genre fare. The return of Doctor Who for its 60th anniversary, burning Mandalorian questions, and our epic first looks at Fallout and Furiosa all made the list of our most read stories—but here’s a few more highlights you might have missed—James Whitbrook

10 Original Movies That Make Prime Video a Must for Horror Fans

Totally Killer
Image: Prime Video

If you’re a horror fan and you have a Prime Video subscription, your streaming options are vast—especially if you don’t mind ads (via Freevee) or paying a couple bucks to rent the title of your choice. But you also shouldn’t overlook the original films that get distributed through Prime Video—including these 10, a creative, artistically interesting bunch that just so happen to have the power of a massive streaming platform behind them.—Cheryl Eddy Read More

Amazon’s Fallout TV Show Reveals Its Armor, Apocalypse, and Walton Ghoul-gins

Power Suit and Aaron Moten (Maximus) in “Fallout”

Image: JoJo Whilden/Prime Video

Fallout makes its global premiere on Prime Video April 12, 2024—and it’s a series that fans of Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic video game have been eager to learn more about. Today, we finally have fresh images to share, and they’re full of jumpsuits, power suits, and at least one missing nose.—Cheryl Eddy Read More

We Finally Know When the New Alien Movie Takes Place

The Queen Alien from Aliens.

The Queen Alien from Aliens.
Image: Fox

When Ellen Ripley said “Get away from her, you bitch,” she apparently wasn’t talking about the latest Alien movie. Turns out, Fede Alvarez’s 2024 Alien movie is actually much, much closer to the originals than anyone could’ve guessed.—Germain Lussier Read More

Damn, What Does Disney Have Against Nia DaCosta?

 Nia DaCosta speaks onstage during The Marvels Fan Screening Surprise Talent Appearance at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on November 09, 2023.

Photo: Jesse Grant (Getty Images)

The Marvels is likely going to end up one of Marvel Studios’ worst-performing films in a considerable period of time—and at a time when people are largely questioning the direction of a franchise that has dominated cinema for 15 years, that’s not an ideal bit of publicity. Also not ideal? The weirdly public way Disney has decided to paint director Nia DaCosta in the wake of its release.—James Whitbrook Read More

Godzilla’s Gorgeous New Design Is Getting an Equally Gorgeous Action Figure

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Image: Super7

At the end of the week, Godzilla stomps back into theaters with the release of Godzilla Minus One, one of the best movies of the year. He’s doing so with a slick new look, evoking the King of the Monsters’ classic design with some gritty, grotty detailing and a whole lot of threatening dorsal fins—something captured in Super7’s slick new action figure.—James Whitbrook Read More

Taika Waititi Wants His Star Wars Movie to Recapture the Joy of the Original Trilogy

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Image: Lucasfilm

Willem Dafoe teases his Beetlejuice 2 character. Get a look at the next Doctor Who anniversary special. Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu teases its Count Orlok. Plus, Monarch teases a new monster in what’s to come. Spoilers, away!—Gordon Jackson and James Whitbrook Read More

David Zaslav Says Universally Unpopular Movie Scrapping Was Brave, Actually

David Zaslav speaking

Photo: Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images)

Running a movie studio has proven to be challenging for reality television mogul turned Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. As 2023 comes to an end, he looks to the upcoming year to continue to answer for the choices being made.—Sabina Graves Read More

Oh, Doctor Who, We’re So Back

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Image: BBC

Human drama suffused with alien weirdness? A shotgun blast of emotional sincerity to sweep you away from barely coherent sci-fi technobabble? The power of love, specifically encapsulating queer love? David Tennant and Catherine Tate running around the place having the time of their lives? Do not adjust your clocks friends: it is indeed 2023 rather than 2008. But for one November night, Doctor Who certainly made it feel that way.—James Whitbrook Read More

Furiosa’s First Trailer Is Here, Oh What a Lovely Day!

Furiosa is here.

Furiosa is here.
Image: Warner Bros.

Mad Max: Fury Road was a game-changing, rip-roaring, masterpiece of filmmaking and now we finally have our first look at Furiosa, its follow-up. Today is a lovely, lovely day indeed.—Germain Lussier  Read More

This Mandalorian Star Doesn’t Agree Your Theories About Her Character

Is the Armorer supposed to be mysterious? The actress isn’t so sure.

Is the Armorer supposed to be mysterious? The actress isn’t so sure.
Image: Lucasfilm

From the very first episode of The Mandalorian, you wanted to know about the Armorer. She was fierce. She was mysterious. And she was wise beyond her years. As we’ve learned more about her in subsequent seasons, that mystique has only grown. Is she honest? Does she have ulterior motives? What’s her deal?—Germain Lussier  Read More

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