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Interplay’s (and later Bethesda’s) Fallout games have always held a special place in the hearts of players. Waits between mainline installments have only grown longer, and there may be plenty of other post-apocalyptic worlds, but folks love the RPG series for its immersive world and black sense of humor. Fallout scratches a particular itch, which made it all the more interesting when Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy revealed they were going to be adapting the series for Prime Video.

After a small image rollout earlier in the week, the first trailer for the upcoming show premiered at CCXP on Saturday morning. Set 200 years after the apocalypse, the series stars Lucy (Ella Purnell), one of several people who’ve been living in underground vaults designed to hold people as nuclear war happened above ground. Like other Vault Dwellers from the games, Lucy leaves her home of Vault 33 to go exploring the wasteland. At the same time she’s trying to tough it out and hopping from settlement to settlement, colorful characters like a Ghoul operating as a bounty hunter (Walton Goggins) and Aaron Moten as Brotherhood of Steel member Maximus are living their own bloody, violent lives that’ll likely end up intersecting at some point during the story.

Please Stand By

Yep, that’s Fallout all right: it’s got the monsters, retro-future style, an odd sense of humor, and even a dog companion like in Bethesda’s installments. The trailer manages to sell that it’s got the distinct vibe of the series, helped by it taking place in the same continuity as the games. But the big question is what it’s got to call its own: while it’s not a game, it would be nice if it added something onto the games’ already filled plate, or even just took something from those games and put its own unique spin on it.

Fallout leaves the Vault to take its first steps out into the world on April 12, 2024 for Prime Video. The series also stars Kyle MacLachlan, Dale Dickey, Leslie Uggams, and Michael Emerson.

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