Orange Pi, popularly known for its Raspberry Pi competing products, has expanded its lineup with a new SBC (single-board computer). The latest Orange Pi AIpro is unlike any offering the brand has produced, as it features an Ascend chip from Huawei instead of the typical processors from Rockchip, Allwinner, or Arm.

The Orange Pi AIpro is a SBC that measures 107 x 68mm (4.21 x 2.68 inches), so it’s more or less in the range of the Orange Pi 5. The Orange Pi AIpro is significantly larger than the Raspberry Pi 5, which has an 85 x 56mm (3.45 x 2.2 inches) footprint. An unspecified Huawei Ascend 64-bit chip with a quad-core design and integrated AI processor powers the Orange Pi AIpro. The vendor claims that the chip delivers an AI performance of 8/20 TOPS. The SBC is available with an 8GB or 16GB LPDDR4X-3200 configuration.

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