If you love Malaysian food, you’re going to love this nasi lemak recipe! Nasi lemak is Malaysia’s most famous food, and literally means “coconut rice”.

It’s always served with Malaysian sambal (which there are hundreds of varieties), a hard boiled egg, fried peanuts and dried anchovies. But it is often served with many other Malaysian dishes too, like beef rendang or spicy eggplant and more! In this recipe we’re making it with lemongrass chicken! If you live somewhere tropical, you can get a banana leaf for eating on which will add extra fragrance! And eat with your hand too!

It’s very delicious and we’re lucky that my friend Mark from Simply Enak shared his recipe with us (his Grandma taught him!). Check out his instagram for more amazing Malaysian food posts and recipes!

This nasi lemak recipe is easy and fun to make!

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