Inspired by the outlook and skills of his grandfather, Chef Tony pursued his culinary career back in 2000, enrolling in the University of Culinary, Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung where he took up Food Production Management. In this course, he was immediately exposed to the international scene through an apprenticeship in Singapore’s Chinatown.

Right after graduation, he landed his first kitchen job in 2004 at the Grand Hyatt Dubai where he experienced working with different nationalities and was exposed to different cultures and cuisines. 

After 6 years, he traveled to London to work at the two Michelin Star restaurant, Le Gavroche—a classical French restaurant. This experience truly expanded his culinary repertoire, different from his experiences in Dubai and Asia. It also opened up his views on food sources. 

“In a Michelin-starred restaurant, you see a different way of cooking. You respect the ingredients, and you see that there’s more to the story of each ingredient. The season, the preservation, how they catch it—it’s telling you a story.” 

After his stint in Le Gavroche, he moved back to Dubai to work at the newly-opened restaurant Ossiano with Chef Santi Santamaria, the Michelin-starred Barcelona-born chef and one of the leading figures in Catalan cuisine. There he spent three years before moving to Maldives, where he once again had experience living by the coast. He then moved to Grand Hyatt Bali in 2013, and two years later he moved to West Java to the Hilton Bandung where he spent 6 years. 

Then, he moved to The Dharmawangsa in Jakarta where he spent 4 years before his recent appointment to Bali at the prestigious Padma Resort Ubud.

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