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    Legacy Tokens, ESG Investing and Solving Greenwashing with Nature’s Vault, Phil Rickard


    Phil is a global entrepreneur who has founded and developed natural resources, renewable energy, FinTech, and AI- driven enterprises. His current role as CEO and Founder of Nature’s Vault, a GreenTech platform accelerating impact investments to combat climate change and ecosystem damage, is a natural progression of his diverse experience,

    Phil was formerly CEO and owner of one of the largest mobile payment companies in Southeast Asia, pioneering micropayments for premium mobile content. He was also founder and executive vice president of NASDAQ-listed ActiveIQ Technologies that developed an AI tool to analyze documents and was later acquired by Oracle.

    On the natural resource side, Phil was chairman and CEO of BlackGold Energy, a Singapore Exchange-listed energy company. He is also a founding shareholder of three renewable energy companies: Terrasys Energy, Sawa Energy, and Solarsys and is also the founding shareholder of Indo Gold Mining and a partner in Ensbury Kalteng Gold Indonesia.

    Fluent in Indonesian, Phil contributes to his community as chairman of the Jakarta Intercultural School and the co-founder of the Artha Graha Peduli COVID-19 Response Center.) He has worked with organizations such as Save the Children, UNHCR and Red Cross, focused on emergency supplies and distribution, housing reconstruction, and improving mental health facilities. He is also founding president of the Association of Catalyst Companies for the Singapore Exchange (SGX)

    Jamil Hasan is a crypto and blockchain focused podcast host at the Irish Tech News and spearheads our weekend content “The Crypto Corner” where he interviews founders, entrepreneurs and global thought leaders.

    Prior to his endeavors into the crypto-verse in July 2017, Jamil built an impressive career as a data, operations, financial, technology and business analyst and manager in Corporate America, including twelve years at American International Group and its related companies.

    Since entering the crypto universe, Jamil has been an advisor, entrepreneur, investor and author. His books “Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance” (2018) and “Re-Generation X” (2020) not only discuss the benefits of blockchain technology, but also capture Jamil’s experience on how he has transitioned from being a loyal yet downsized former corporate employee to a self sovereign individual.

    With over one hundred podcasts under his belt since he joined our team in February 2021, and with four years of experience both managing his own crypto portfolio and providing crypto guidance and counsel to select clients, Jamil continues to seek opportunities to help others navigate this still nascent industry.

    Jamil’s primary focus outside of podcast hosting is helping former corporate employees gain the necessary skills and vision to build their own crypto portfolios and create wealth for the long-term.

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