Must-visit Culinary Tourism Spots in Jemursari Surabaya

Jemursari Surabaya culinary tourism spots aregreat destinations that you shouldn’t forget to visit

Must-visit Culinary Tourism Spots in Jemursari Surabaya

When thinking of Surabaya, some people may think about the iconic statue which has figure of shark and crocodile that is always related to the history of Surabaya. This city is fullof attractions, history, and also has so many tourism spots. Jemursari Surabaya culinary tourism spots are great destinations that you shouldn’t forget to visit. As with other big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya offers many special moments and holiday experiences that will make you miss this lovely place.

When you decide to visit Jemursari Surabaya, the first thing todo is to find the best area to stay that will also offer you great tourism tomake your holiday feel great. In this case, Jemursari in Surabaya is a great choice, as there are many tourist places to visit located around the hotels where you can stay.

If you want to stay in a modernand comfortable place, then you can try to choose Yello Hotel. Yello Hotel in Jemursari provides a modern and fresh concept to enhance your holiday in Surabaya. Near the hotel, there are so many available tourisms spots to make your holiday fun and enjoyable. One kind of tourism you should try when visiting Jemursari in Surabaya is Jemursari Surabaya culinary tourism. There are so many food stands and sellers you can choose from to trythe Surabaya flavor! There are various foods, from the traditional Surabaya dishes, to the modern or fast food – all ready and waiting to fill your stomach. You do not need to worry about being hungry, because plenty of these food stands are open 24 hours to serve you well.

When visiting Jemursari, Itbecomes a must to try traditional and special food from around Jemursari. One of the traditional Jemursari culinary treats that is famous among visitors isSop Kaki Sapi Jemursari. This dish is rich in taste from special ingredients that will make your tongue dance. It is a unique, yet delicious food to accompany your dinner in Surabaya. The taste will not disappoint you and of course willmake you full. Aside from that, this food is also friendly cost, so that youcan save more money for more food! (and of course for other needs as well.) Jemursari Surabaya culinary tourism islimitless. You can also ask around for recommendations to find the best restaurants, food stalls, and dishes that will give you satisfaction for yourculinary tourism.

Today, there is also a famous anddelicious food that also can be used as present to give to your family. This delicious food is Almond Crispy Cheese. This tasty snack is sold everywhere in Jemursari, so you can find it easily. Many visitors say that this kind of foodis very recommended to buy and give it as gift when you go back to your home town. When exploring the tourism in Surabaya, it wouldn’t be complete if you pass up Jemursari Surabaya culinary tourism, especially when you visit and spend the holiday in Jemursari Surabaya. There are so many tourism spots that can be enjoyed and fun. Moreover, they are located near to the hotels, making Jemursari a very strategic choice.


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